Monday, 26 March 2012

a sunny morning on earth

Monday morning, on top of a ridge overlooking Thorverton, near Tiverton, Devon.

Listening to the sounds of the earth, amplified by a double bass.

We buried hydro- and geophones to pick up sounds of the earth and then applied the sound to the bridge and body of the bass to amplify it. 

If you're wondering what it sounds like we'll post an audio link shortly.
EW (Exeter Contemporary Sounds)

(This work will form the background for the piece 'Bury your love like Treasure' Paul Whitty is composing for our new tour 'Back there on Earth')


  1. Great shots! Looks like you had an interesting day. Marie :-)

  2. i concur! nothing like some well shot photos to get the geeks stirred up!
    i'd really like to talk to Paul and interview him for a radio show. i'll try some other routes of contact too, but please get in touch -