Friday, 1 June 2012

Splash Down

Our first performance at Exeter Phoenix seems to have been very well received.  We enjoyed ourselves and the audience seem to have too, we've had lots of really lovely feedback since Sunday.
We also invited children into our afternoon rehearsal to see us rehearsing and to hear a performance of Simon Belshaw's piece.  The apollo film seems to have been a big hit with the children, there was some  very audible and quite comical chatter going on in the audience - great to hear that the piece was inspiring them.  One little boy said afterwards that he would like to learn to play the violin and sit in a circle and play with his friends - job done!

Here are some stills from the video of Paul Whitty's piece ....bury your love like treasure...
We're now busy preparing for our next  performance on June 7th at the Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple.  Tickets are still available here.


  1. Brilliant performance ECS - well done! Marie :-)

  2. I was at the back (arrived just in time) And was drawn into the performance straight away. Great subject matter and fabulous musicianship with lots of changes of tempo and interactions between the qaurtet